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house tour: part II

movin on the second floor

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master bed & bath

Most new builds have master bedrooms as large as my whole house. I just dont get it! What is everyone doing in there? Seems to be wasted space to me.

We designed our master bedroom to be just Goldilocks sized...not too big, not too small but just the right size (IMO) and then added 2 walk in closets and a master bath. My fave feature? The blinds that go down automatically for privacy when the sun goes down. Thanks to my friends at Drape Shutter Shade - the best and certainly highly recommended for Hunter Douglas blinds and specialty drapery. If you need great windows them. My good friend Kasondra owns this local woman owned biz - they are awesome and affordable!

SOOOO this whole "let's build a new house project" started because we had the smallest grossest master bath in history. The kind that you clean and clean and it never got clean? (Hopefully you don't know what I'm talking about!) So this bathroom was super important that we got it just right. Once we started designing the house this bathroom changed a dozen times. We went back and forth - clawfoot tub? larger shower? bath vanity with make up area? It changed and changed. Eventually, the thing I wanted was PRIVACY. So we added a separate toilet area but it added a lot of extra square footage to add walls and a small door. So the bathroom got even smaller and became a bit more challenging to fit everything in. In the end - it it as spa-like and glamorous as I wanted? No. But - it's simple and clean with a touch of cool vintage.

j'adore the mix of these over sized vintage mid century mirrors with an online purchased vanity. I didnt think i'd love this light fixture from Pottery Barn but it is definitely growing on me...and it puts off a ton of light

We went back and forth on this tub. We thought "we never take baths!" so lets just put a deee-lightful little makeup area for me in this spot. But THEN we thought "the next person who will enjoy this house will probably want a tub" so we went with a 51" round Japanese style soaking tub. Unfortunately, the free standing tub faucet drives me COMPLETELY insane. It's basically in the middle of the room b/c there was a perimeter beam (next to the tub) where I originally had it. I wanted to put it in the corner...but I was convinced by others that that was a bad location...just in case it broke and it would be difficult to replace. sigh. In the end...I'm glad it's in (stupid tub faucet and all) because it's super cute and the kids LOVE to use it.

I love this the shape of this japanese soaking tub

A worthwhile splurge? this 24x24 tile from Artistic Tile. this photo is horrid and does not do this tile any justice...

you'll just have to come over in person to see it.

I love this metallic tile niche - its shiny and retro that has a disco feel. If you have to retrofit a shower...get this one from Hansgrohe. It has a cute shelf in glossy white and you have buttons to turn on either the rain head or the handshower. So easy for those sleepy mornings.

kids baths

The kids baths were fun to design. I wanted them to be similar but not exactly the same. Boys are very messy and dirty creatures in case you didn't know this already. So I chose finishes, mirrors, fixtures and vanities that were durable, a bit whimsical and easy to clean. The larger bath has access from my son's room as well as access from the hall for guests. The smaller bath has access only from my other son's bedroom which I think gives it a nice sense of privacy.

The larger bath has 2 single vanities placed super close together to form one long one vanity and has the white field tile. The smaller bath has just one long vanity and has black field tile. I prefer the black tile!

these sleek and fun sink faucets for the boys rooms was one of the first things I bought for the house. So glad i did.

See the handcrafted light fixtures from Illuminate Vintage? So cute yet super affordable with excellent customer service!

this bath has a larger vanity and all the same finishes as the other bath. Oooo - the skirted toilet - this makes me happy

the top of a staircase always needs a show stopping light.

This one is from my all time fave Jonathan Adler

view of light fixture from ground floor

kids playroom (aka the xbox room)

As a good mom I wanted a room for the kids to get away and have fun with their friends. I also, selfishly, just wanted them to have a place to get away...from me..haha. We designed a fun playroom on the 2nd floor with 2 tvs, lots of fun seating, a table for games and a balcony with a great view to the backyard.

double doors with glass lead to light and bright xbox room (still bright even tho the walls are painted black!).

the cutest shelf brackets (from Anthropologie - of course) 

orange is my favorite we definitely needed this Whyte and Company bar sink.

countertop look familiar? there was leftover pieces from the kitchen slab to make this top!

view of the double sliding door, simple aluminum railing and a simple up/down sconce.

look at that corner of siding! SO good.

view to the backyard. see my little one and husband relaxing?

When I look from this balcony to the backyard - I see my little one and husband relaxing after a hard day of yard work. I remember now why we decided to do this whole "let's build a new house project". This makes me happy and reminds me that it maybe just maybe it was all worth it.

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