believe it...we have a basement

but what to do with it?

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We have walls people!

Almost every day...I drive by the house and I take pictures......and I FINALLY see progress! Believe it...there are walls!

Neighbors & friends ask me..."Aren't you excited?", "You must be so excited". I honestly can't say that I am excited. This process is wayy too frustrating and nerve wracking of a process to be excited and happy.

I hear from people that take on large projects like this that something ALWAYS happens. There should be some kind of meeting I should attend like AA. I can start one...Home Builders Anonymous? We can all commiserate and tell each other horrible stories of what has transpired on their project. Maybe I can listen and tell least THAT didn't happen to me! Oh - and we can swap tips and tricks on how to furnish their homes when they run out of money (which will probably happen to us).

Hopefully the bad part, the frustrating part is over for us. Fingers crossed. And eyes. And ears. And everything. Just please send good luck our way!

In the are the pics of the house...pre demo and the way it looks today.

broken image

the house pre demo

broken image

that is one BIG hole

broken image
broken image

forms for basement walls ready to go. kids are excited

broken image

Bobcat back filling foundation with rocks first and then dirt

The basement eventually will have 9 foot ceilings. ahhhh - that sounds good. I always envisioned a tall basement flooded with sunlight. OK - we didn't get that many windows in the floor plan due to grading. But - we are planning to still do some cool things in the basement. Not that we are finishing the basement right away. We are planning to build the basement bath and then do a fully finished basement in the future.

broken image

see pool in background. oh how i miss thee.

broken image

Remember wayyyy back when...when I said that I wasn't interested in a basement? Now that I see this massive hole and tall tall tall walls...maybe I can make this into something that I can make money off of...I mean...something my kids will love!

How about an indoor batting cage? $6 per hour per neighbor sounds like a pretty good deal, right? And...if you have ever been in any batting cage - they are normally a pretty uncomfortable, gross  smelly af place to wait for your kid. Usually there is a hideous indoor bleacher to sit on or some vending machine with only gatorade and overpriced chips for snacks. What if...I made an amazing space for parents to hang and relax while waiting? It's been an idea I've had forever!

broken image
broken image
broken image

Go Nats!

But...will this business be enough to buy new furniture and ahhmazing light fixtures? Imagine??? If so - that will make me so excited (and I just can't hide it!).

New photos and update coming soon! Stay tuned...

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