is this really happening?

(yes and were not ready)

Not one box is packed. we move in 30 days. are we really doing this?

It all started 10 years ago when we bought what we thought was a great rambler with great "bones" (why do people say that?!?!) in a great neighborhood (it still is!) with an amazing backyard. We moved from the most fun city - Washington DC and became suburbanites. We HAD to...schools are fantastic and we had my little guy who, let's face it, needed space for all his Star Wars crap, I mean, toys .

After a couple of years, one new little guy and 2 new renovated bathrooms later, the pipes under the slab are leaking and the place, while it has its moments of charm, is not going to get any better. we go. It's a full scale tear down and rebuild.

For starters - this is what the house looks like now. it's a weird mix of a rambler that has mid century undertones to it. But - it needs a ton of work and we are and this blog was born.

why the blog? Mainly because people say they are interested in seeing the progress and steps of building a new house. Also - its going to be interesting to see the beginning and the end of why not document it? Lastly...if I look like a crazy weirdo mumbling to myself at the'll know why.

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